Attention: Entrepreneurs who want to double their sales
Join us if you want to learn from the best on how to use Facebook Ads to grow your business.
Hey, my name is Julian and I'm a Facebook Advertising Strategist and Coach.

Now I don't want to make this long.

If you're reading this, then you're probably thinking about joining us in Awesomeness and Facebook Ads which is our coaching program all about Facebook Ads.

In this program, you will have access to me as your coach and our main goal is to support you in being able to grow your business with Facebook Ads.

This program was designed to focus on that so we have everything from the very basics to advanced lessons and even specific campaigns you can watch me set up from scratch which you can copy.

The intention is to help you cut the learning curve so you can immediately do actionable advice that will get results!
1. Me, Julian Cañita, Your Coach!

Yes so this is a coaching Program and I will be your coach and you can ask me anything, anytime.

I've been doing Facebook ads for 5 years already and I have planned, set-up and managed campaigns for entrepreneurs all over the world across different industries.

2. Access to The JC Group of Awesomeness and Facebook Ads & Live Bi-Monthly Coaching Calls

All questions will be discussed in the group.

I have a note for myself to check this group everyday for new questions and concerns.

The group does not only consist of me but also other students who have their own experience to share and support you with.

These include all our experts and resource people which I'll tell you more about later :)

When we have new lessons, they will go up here sa group.

I also go in live twice a month for our coaching calls for any specific questions, new lessons and updates you need to know.

3. All My Paid Trainings On Facebook Ads

Since 2017, I've taught over 2,000 students locally and abroad all about Facebook ads from the Basics, to Advanced Skills, to specific strategies in consultations.

Individuals have paid around Php 5,000 per class and companies hire me for Php 50,000 for these trainings but under this program, you have access to all of them.

This includes any new training I will come out with.

Specifically, the trainings you will have access to include:

👉 Facebook Ads Basics - My most in-demand workshop where we discuss why Facebook Ads are awesome, A Deep DIve on the Facebook Ads Platform and Campaign Planning Strategies including ad compliance, targeting planning and ad copywriting.

👉 Blossom to Becoming Awesome - We also train aspiring Facebook Ads Specialists who want to make Facebook Ads their line of work. If this is you, then this training would be highly beneficial.

👉 Facebook Ads Advanced for Lead Generation - My advanced workshop where we specifically talk about using Facebook Ads to generate leads.

👉 Facebook Ads Advanced for eCommerce - My advanced workshop where we specifically talk about using Facebook Ads to generate sales for an e-commerce business.

👉 Facebook Ads Bootcamp - A Bootcamp where we created a step by step framework on creating your first ad campaign that generates inquiries.

👉 The GTLA Workshop - My Personal Branding workshop where we talk about your greatness and your personal brand, your Truth and how to create content, how to shine your light with social media marketing and your Abundance and how to monetize your brand.

4. A Whole Library Of Self-Paced Video Lessons

Facebook ads is not a skill in itself.

It's a whole lot of different skills all put together.

There's a lot that goes in to them so we have a lot of video lessons about every aspect of Facebook Ads from Campaign Planning to Management.

Specifically the main modules are:

👉 Understanding the Big Picture of Digital Marketing
👉 The Basics of the Facebook Ads Platform
👉 Advanced Features of The Facebook Ads Platform
👉 Campaign Objectives Deep Dive
👉 All About Targeting
👉 All About the Ad
👉 Managing And Scaling Your Ad Campaigns
👉 All About Offers, Content & Branding
👉 Other Supporting Tools and Conccepts

Here's a further breakdown of EACH module:

✔️What is Digital Marketing?
✔️What is Paid Social Advertising?
✔️Lead Generation and Customer Acquisition
✔️How Do Facebook and Facebook Ads Work?
✔️Why Facebook Ads Are Awesome
✔️Account Set Up
✔️Ad Campaign Structure
✔️Facebook Pixel
✔️Offline Events
✔️Business Manager Set Up
✔️Advanced Facebook Pixels: Standard Events, Custom Conversions and Custom Events
✔️Business Locations
✔️Brand Safety
✔️Creative Hub
✔️Automated Rules
✔️Audience Insights
✔️Campaign Budget Optimization
✔️Split Testing
✔️Dynamic Creative
✔️Creating A Manual Product Catalog
✔️An Illustration to Help Understand Campaign Objectives
✔️Lead Generation Campaign
✔️Extended Lead Generation Campaign
✔️Abandon Campaign
✔️Lead Ad Campaign
✔️Messaging Campaign
✔️Dynamic Ad Campaign (eCommerce)
✔️eCommerce Carousel and Collection Ads
✔️Brand Awareness Campaigns
✔️Reach Campaigns
✔️Page like Campaigns
✔️Event Responses Campaigns
✔️Store Traffic Campaigns
✔️10 Ways To Target Your Ideal Audience on Facebook
✔️How to Target Very Specific Audiences
✔️Audience Research for Targeting
✔️Remarketing & Custom Audiences Deep Dive
✔️How To Target Based On Intent
✔️How To Target Based On Content
✔️How To Target Based on Video Content
✔️How To target People in Facebook Groups
✔️How To Target Lookalike Audiences
✔️Targeting for Very General Products (Like Himalayan Salt Lamps)
✔️Ad Overview
✔️Single Image Ads
✔️Single Video Ads & Slideshows
✔️Creating an Ad Campaign Brief
✔️Carousel Ads
✔️Full Screen Experience
✔️Ad Copy Research
✔️The Most Important Copywriting Advice
✔️Write Copy As If It Were a Youtube Ad
✔️How to Consolidate Engagement
✔️Ad Disapproval Overview
✔️Compliance Deep Dive
✔️What To Do When You Have A Disapproved Ad
✔️What To Do When Your Ad Account is Disabled
✔️How To Appeal With Chat Support
✔️Calling Out Your Audiences In Your Copy & Different Copy Examples for Different Levels of Awareness
✔️3 Things To Take Note Of To Support Your Ad Copy
✔️Should I Put the Price in Ad Copy?
✔️What is the Best Way To Follow Up With People Who Visit Your Sales Page But Don't Buy
✔️Ad Campaign Management Metrics
✔️Ad Campaign Troubleshooting
✔️Setting up Dashboard + Troubleshooting Demo (eCommerce)
✔️Setting up Dashboard + Troubleshooting Demo (Lead Gen)
✔️How To Scale
✔️How To Handle Ad Campaigns That Did Not Work
✔️Marketing Funnel Basics
✔️Google Analytics Basics
✔️How I Use Chatbots with Facebook Ads
✔️Offer Creation
✔️Creating Lead Generating Content
5. Actual Campaign Walkthroughs You Can Copy

Maybe it's not individual lessons you need.

Maybe what you urgently need are exact ad campaigns that you need to set up agad.

That's why we have videos where I create common ad campaigns from scratch so you can set one up for yourself immediately

6. A Bit Of Life Coaching Too If That's What You Need

You may not know this but I'm also a transformational life coach and we bring some of that wisdom in the program because sometimes, more than the knowledge and skill gaps, there are other things that stop us like limiting beliefs and fears.

So we tackle those too not just because we want to but because being able to get over these blocks will help you get results.

7. Facebook Ads Toolkit

To help with implementation, you'll get access to some downloadable PDFs which you can print and fill out.

Targeting Worksheet

Ad Copy Worksheet & Templates

Campaign Objectives Guide

Ad Troubleshooting Guide

Ad Disapproval Reasons & Solutions

Ad Spend Budget Calculator

8. FB Ads Insider - Interviews with Other Facebook Ads Experts

If at any point, magsawa ka na puro ako lang, don't worry.

We also brought in other experts to share their experience and knowledge.

At the moment, Facebook Ads Experts we feature include
👉 Jessica Walman
👉 Christa Nichols
👉 Jungie Gumiran
👉 Sergio Benoya

9. The Brewery - Non-Facebook Ads Learning Sessions With Other Experts

Facebook Ads is just one among a lot of skills that help businesses grow.

So to further supplement the learning of Facebook Ads, we brought in other experts to share their knowledge on other aspects.

The topics and experts featured at the moment include:
👉 Email Marketing with Allan Ngo
👉 Messenger Chatbots with Neil Reichl
👉 Video Marketing with Shoden Abad
👉 Content Creation with Aiza Coronado
👉 Online Course Creation with Hazel June
👉 Sales with MJ Aguilar

Let's just to recap what you'll get in the program:

1. Me, Julian Cañita, as your Coach!
2. Access to the JC Group of Awesomeness and Facebook Ads & Live Bi-Monthly Coaching Calls
3. All My Paid Trainings on Facebook Ads
4. A Whole Library of Self-Paced Video Lessons
5. Actual Campaign Walkthroughs You Can Copy
6. Life Coaching Support
7. Facebook Ads Toolkit
8. Facebook Ads Insider - Interviews with other Facebook Ads Experts
9. The Brewery - Other Expert Interviews

How much is access to all this?
Php 24,997
That's FULL ACCESS for one whole year.

You can also avail of our payment plan of Php 10,000 per quarter.

So what are you waiting for?

Our goal is to be able to help you find success with Facebook Ads for your business.

If after 90 days, you go through the program, ask your questions, follow my advice and NOTHING WORKS, I'll happily refund you your payment.
Join us today at just Php 24,997
or Php 10,000 per quarter
P.S. - if you're skimming and just wanted to see what the offer was... for just 25k, I'll be your coach and I'll walk you through a thriving Facebook ads freelance business by teaching you the skills involved with planning and running Facebook Ad campaigns for clients as well as building and managing your whole business including getting and maintaining clients. Hope to see you inside.
Julian Cañita Marketing Solutions @ 2020